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reject[-quiet] [token] [comment]
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token,   if specified, is a temporary password
comment, if specified, gives a reason the confirmation was rejected
-quiet,  if specified, turns off acknowledgements and notifications
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The reject command tells Majordomo to disallow a Majordomo command or
posted message that requires confirmation.  

Some Majordomo commands require confirmation before their actions will
be taken; this can help protect you from mischief by preventing others
from submitting commands in your name.  Majordomo will email a
confirmation notice to the person affected by the command.  For example,
if tries to subscribe to a mailing list
- perhaps Joe is doing Mary a favor, or perhaps he's being malicious -
the confirmation notice is sent to  If Mary does not
want to subscribe to the list, she can use the reject command to refuse
the subscription.

When Majordomo sends a confirmation notice, it randomly chooses a
temporary password, called a "token," that identifies the command that
requires confirmation.  The token usually appears in the Subject header
of the confirmation message.  If the following command is sent to


Majordomo will look in the Subject header of the message for the token.
If the token is not present in the Subject header, it must be included
on the command line, for example:

  reject DC1B-78A3-09BF 

Once a token is rejected, the command it represents is discarded, and
the token immediately stops being valid.  Rejecting the same token more
than once will usually result in an error.

When a token is rejected, a notice may be emailed to the person affected
by the command (Mary in the previous example).  Notices may also be sent
to the list and domain administrators.   These notices contain all of
the information that Majordomo recorded about the command, to help the
people affected to investigate if the command was issued maliciously.
To prevent any notices from being sent, use "quiet" mode, for example:

  reject-quiet AB19-8294-FF3D

If you reject a token, you can include a brief explanation of your
reasons on the command line, which will be included in the notice, for

  reject 9801-DC89-7741  I didn't ask to be subscribed to this list.

                        Notes for administrators

If a token is not accepted or rejected, one reminder notice will usually
be sent after a few days.  Eventually, the token will expire, and the
command will not be completed.  See "help configset_token_lifetime" and
"help configset_token_remind" for more details.

The following rules determine if, and to whom, notices are sent:

  * If "quiet" mode is used, no notices are sent.

  * If a "confirm" token is rejected, notices are sent to the list 
    and domain administrators.  These addresses are taken from
    whoami_owner configuration setting.  These notices are not sent
    if the "nolog" or "noinform" command mode is used.

  * If a "confirm" token is rejected, a notice is sent to the person
    affected by the command that was rejected. (Mary would receive a
    notice in our previous example.)

  * If a non-"confirm" token is rejected, a notice is sent to the
    person affected if the "ackreject" flag is set for that person.
    See "help set" and "help configset_nonmember_flags" for more
    information about the ackreject flag and other personal settings.

By default, the contents of a notice that is sent to the person affected
come from the "token_reject" file if a non-"consult" token is rejected,
or from the "ack_rejection" file if a "consult" token is rejected.  The
contents of a notice that is sent to an administrator come from the
"token_reject_owner" file.  These files can be customized on a
list-by-list basis.

If a "consult" token is rejected by a list administrator, a file name
from a mailing list's file space can be used to supply the notice.
For example, if there is a "/off-topic" file in the file space of your
mailing list, you could use the following command:

  reject 843D-21FE-AC89 /off-topic

to include the contents of the file in the rejection notice.

All rejection notices can make use of substitution variables.  The
substitutions supported include the standard substitutions, plus
and VICTIM.  See "help variables" for more details on substitutions.

See "help admin_documents" for an introduction to the file space and
document customization.

If a posted message is rejected, the original message may be attached to
the rejection notice, as required by the ack_attach_original
configuration setting.  See "help configset_ack_attach_original" for
more information.

More than one token can be rejected at once by using a here document,
for example, the following command would reject three tokens:

reject <<END

See "help here_document" for an introduction to here documents.  Only
tokens can be included in the here document.  Including explanations 
in the here document will result in an error.

The access_rules setting allows the confirmation message for a
particular command to be customized.  See "help configset_access_rules"
for more details.

See Also:
   help accept      (the opposite action of "reject")
   help admin_documents
   help admin_moderate
   help configset_access_rules
   help configset_ack_attach_original
   help configset_token_lifetime
   help configset_token_remind
   help configset_whoami_owner
   help here_document
   help showtokens  (for a list of tokens awaiting approval)
   help tokeninfo

This is the "reject" help document for 
Majordomo 2, version 0.1201103110.

For a list of all help documents, send the following command:
   help topics
in the body of a message to

For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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