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OpenBSD Mailing List Server

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post[-archive][-hide][-intact] listname <<TAG
[Message Contents]
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post-addhdr[-archive][-hide][-intact] listname subject <<TAG
[Message Contents]
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listname, required,     is the name of a regular or auxiliary list
subject,  if specified, gives the contents of the subject header
-addhdr,  if specified, automatically adds mail headers
-archive, if specified, archives a message without distributing it
-hide,    if specified, omits a message from public archives
-intact,  if specified, keeps message attachments from being altered
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The post command sends a message to a mailing list, or to an auxiliary
list.  A password is normally required to use this command.  Unlike
other commands, using a password with the post command does not
guarantee that the message is distributed to the subscribers
immediately.  The message will undergo the same access checks as if it
were sent using e-mail.

If the "addhdr" command mode is used, Majordomo will consider the
contents you supply to be a plain text message body, and will
automatically add the From, To, Date, Subject, Message-Id, and
Content-type headers.  The message subject is taken from the first
command line.

If the "archive" command mode is used, the message will be stored in the
list archive, but not distributed to the subscribers.

If the "hide" command mode is used, the message will be marked as
"hidden" in the archive, and an "X-no-archive: yes" header will be added
to the message.  This will help to keep anyone without administrative
access from seeing the message in a public archive.

If the "intact" command mode is used, any attachment filters that would
alter the contents of the message will not be applied.  See
"help configset_attachment_filters" for more details on how the message
contents can be altered.

The post command enables a Majordomo list to be run without doing any
MTA configuration, such as creating aliases.  The list will not,
however, be very functional.  This will probably work for announcement
lists, though.

The post command could be used on a moderated list, if the moderators
wish to edit a message before distributing it.  The edited message would
still need to be approved with the "accept" command, and the original
post would have to be denied with the "reject" command.  A better
approach is to add an "Approved" header to the message; see "help
admin_moderate" for more details.

The post-archive command may be used to store a message in the mailing
list archive, but not distribute it to the subscribers.  If you maintain
a WWW archive of your mailing lists, you might wish to archive a message
that describes how to subscribe to the mailing list.  Obviously, you
would not want that message to be distributed on the list, since the
list's participants are already subscribed to the list.

To send a message to an auxiliary list, the "auxiliary" option must be
included in the 'aliases' configuration setting, and the auxiliary list
name must be included in the "sublists" configuration setting.  

If posted messages are not being delivered to a mailing list, two steps
are recommended to diagnose the failures.  First, use the report command
to see if Majordomo believes that the messages have been transmitted
successfully.  If the report command does not have a record of the
posted messages, the second step is to use the mj_shell program with the
-D option, and from the shell prompt use the post-addhdr command to send
a test message to the list.  See "help mj_shell" and "help report" for
more information.

See Also:
   help approve   (which can eliminate the need to use "accept")
   help access    (for the special case of granting/denying all access)
   help access_variables
   help admin_delivery
   help admin_moderate
   help auxiliary_list
   help configset_access_rules (to restrict access to any command)
   help configset_aliases  (to allow direct posting on sublists)
   help configset_attachment_filters
   help configset_attachment_rules
   help variables (for a list of all possible variables and what they mean)

This is the "post" help document for 
Majordomo 2, version 0.1201103110.

For a list of all help documents, send the following command:
   help topics
in the body of a message to

For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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