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OpenBSD Mailing List Server

The WWW interface for list administrators is located at:

Basic instructions are available at that location.

The mj_wwwadm script uses several approaches to determine which of
a site's virtual Majordomo domains is being accessed.  If the name of
your virtual domain is "",

  * The domain could be provided in the URL query string or as
    a field in an HTML form, for example:

  * The domain could appear in the URL path, for example:

  * The domain could appear in the host name, for example:

If the domain cannot be determined from any of these three ways, 
the default domain (the first domain listed in the "mj-domains" file
in the "ALIASES" directory) will be used.

Actions performed with this CGI script will be logged with the IP
address of the remote host, for example,

After a list administrator has signed in, a temporary password ("latchkey")
is substituted for the permanent password, to prevent the real password
being recorded.  This password looks like a token identifier, for example,

and is valid for an hour by default.  For more information on latchkeys,
see "help configset_latchkey_lifetime".

If the GLOBAL www_help_window setting is turned on, all of the links for
help files will cause the help documents to be displayed in a separate

More than one mailing list can be moderated at the same time with the
wwwadm interface, if you use a password that applies to all of the
lists.  To moderate more than one list, add each list name in the name
by which this script is called, and place forward slashes between the
list names.  For example, if you manage mailing lists named "broccoli" and
"rhubarb," instead of:

visit the following location:

See Also:
   help admin
   help admin_domain
   help configset_confirm_url
   help configset_latchkey_lifetime
   help configset_www_help_window
   help configset_wwwadm_url
   help configset_wwwusr_url
   help mj_confirm
   help mj_wwwusr

This is the "mj_wwwadm" help document for 
Majordomo 2, version 0.1201103110.

For a list of all help documents, send the following command:
   help topics
in the body of a message to

For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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