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OpenBSD Mailing List Server

    mj_queueserv - Overseer of mj_queuerun processes.

    Started only from mj_enqueue; not to be run by hand.

    mj_queueserv, the Majordomo mail queue server, is a small process that
    oversees a collection of queue runner processes. It is intended to be
    started by the mj_enqueue program; no more than one mj_queueserv process
    should be active at any time.

    mj_queueserv immediately forks and disassociates itself from its parent
    process so it can run as a daemon. It opens a socket and awaits
    connections from other Majordomo programs, such as mj_enqueue,
    mj_queuerun, or mj_shutdown. If it sits idle for a period of time or if
    instructed to shut down (see the mj_shutdown manpage) it will exit.

    Whenever an mj_enqueue process stores an e-mail message in the message
    queue, it contacts the queue server and indicates that the message
    should be processed. If the queue server is already managing one or more
    queue runners, it will attempt to contact each queue runner in turn
    until it finds one that is not busy. If no existing queue runner is
    available, and the maximum number of queue runners will not be exceeded,
    the queue server will start a new queue runner. If a new queue runner
    cannot be started, the queue server notes that the system is busy, and
    waits for the next incoming message from the mj_enqueue program.

See Also:
   help mj_email
   help mj_enqueue
   help mj_queuerun
   help mj_shutdown

This is the "mj_queueserv" help document for 
Majordomo 2, version 0.1201103110.

For a list of all help documents, send the following command:
   help topics
in the body of a message to

For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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