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configset listname aliases <<TAG
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Default Value : (owner request resend)
Data Type     : enum_array
Category      : miscellany
Password Notes: Visible only with password. Set with global password. 
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configset listname aliases <<ALBM

The aliases setting determines which e-mail addresses are available to
the public for a particular mailing list.  The following values are

  Alias                E-mail addresses for this alias
  -----                -------------------------------
  auxiliary            An alias for each sublist in the "sublists" setting.
  moderator            LIST-moderator
  owner                LIST-owner
  request              LIST-request
  resend               LIST
  subscribe            LIST-subscribe
  subscribe-digest     LIST-subscribe-digest
  subscribe-digest-all An alias for each digest in the "digests" setting.
  subscribe-each       LIST-subscribe-each
  subscribe-nomail     LIST-subscribe-nomail
  subscribe-unique     LIST-subscribe-unique
  unsubscribe          LIST-unsubscribe

Currently, the owner, request, and resend aliases are mandatory.

After the value of this setting has been changed, the createlist-regen
command must be run to recreate the aliases.

Aliases are e-mail addresses to which people send messages.  Each
alias has a special purpose.

The auxiliary alias
If the 'auxiliary' flag in the "configset aliases" is used, an alias
will be created for each auxiliary list.  For example, to reach the
"testers" sublist of the mj2-dev list, a message could be sent to the
(fictitious) address Without the
'auxiliary' flag, the "post" command is the only way to send messages to
a sublist.

Only auxiliary lists explicitly mentioned in the "sublists"
configuration setting are given aliases (see "help configset_sublists"
for more details).  See "help auxiliary_list" for an introduction to
auxiliary lists.

The moderator alias
Mail sent to the LIST-moderator address will be delivered to the
moderators of a mailing list.

The owner alias
Mail sent to the LIST-owner address will be delivered to the 
owners of a mailing list.

The request alias
What happens to mail sent to the LIST-request alias depends upon the
GLOBAL request_answer setting and the list-specific request_response
file, as indicated by the following table:  

  request_answer       result
  --------------       -----------------------------------------
  majordomo            message is parsed for commands (default)
  owner                message is forwarded to the list owners
  anything else        the request_response file is sent back.

The resend alias
This alias is the address of the mailing list itself.  Mail sent
to this address will be delivered to the list's subscribers.

The subscribe and unsubscribe aliases
Mail messages sent to the LIST-subscribe, LIST-unsubscribe, and related
aliases are treated specially by Majordomo.  The bodies of the messages
are ignored. Majordomo will attempt to subscribe or unsubscribe the
address that appears in the "From:" header of the message.

The special extensions of the subscribe alias refer to the delivery
class of the new subscriber.  For example, a subscription made through
the LIST-subscribe-nomail address would start in the "nomail" delivery
class.  See "help set" for a detailed description of delivery classes.

See Also:
   help admin_domain
   help alias
   help announce
   help auxiliary_list
   help configset_allowed_classes
   help configset_default_class 
   help configset_digests (for configuring digests for subscribe-digest)
   help configset_moderators
   help configset_owners
   help configset_request_answer
   help configset_sublists
   help configset_whoami
   help configset_whoami_owner
   help createlist (for the -regen option that creates new aliases)
   help post

This is the "configset_aliases" help document for 
Majordomo 2, version 0.1201103110.

For a list of all help documents, send the following command:
   help topics
in the body of a message to

For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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