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OpenBSD Mailing List Server
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Introduction to the Confirmation Interface

When people make requests of the Majordomo mailing list server at OpenBSD Mailing List Server, some requests must be confirmed before they will be completed. Confirmation may be needed for any number of different reasons. Two of the more common reasons are:

Majordomo assigns a unique token identifier to every request that requires someone's approval. Token identifiers are fourteen characters long, for example:


If you received confirmation instructions in an e-mail message, the token identifier should appear in the subject and body of that message.

There are three basic commands available for dealing with a request.

  1. The accept command will confirm the request and cause it to be completed.
  2. The reject command will discard the request and prevent it from being completed.
  3. The tokeninfo command will display more information about the request.

If you do not wish the request to be completed, you can simply ignore it. If you ignore the request, Majordomo may send one reminder message to your e-mail address in a few days. Eventually, the time limit on the request will expire.

If you wish to accept or reject a Majordomo command or posted message, click the Confirm New Request link at the top or bottom of this document and follow the instructions to tell Majordomo the token identifier for the request.

Once you have accepted or rejected a command, its token identifier is removed from the database and becomes invalid. Only press an accept or reject button once: pressing a second time will cause an error message to be displayed.

To return to this introduction at any time, click the Introduction link at the top or bottom.

For assistance, contact the administrators.
Introduction Confirm New Request Show Brief Details Show Full Details